Blogging in the Classroom

Blogging in the classroom is a creative way to increase reading, writing, and communication among students in ANY class!

Video: What is a blog?


Looking for more information about blogging in the classroom? Here are some resources to get your started:

“Developing a Blogging Community Among Students” by Starr Sackstein

“What Students Think about Blogging” by Starr Sackstein

“10+1 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogging” by Pernill Ripp

“14 Steps to Meaningful Student Blogs” by Pernill Ripp

Edublogs’ Bi-Annual Student Blogging Challenge

Edublogs’ Curriculum Corner – Using Blogs with Students

My Intro to Blogging Blog Post (

Blogs by Kids


Blogging Platforms






Add ANIMATION to your Blogs (Students can tell a story in an animated movie clip or cartoon!)






FREE Math Blogging Prompts

  1. What is math?
  2. Why do we study mathematics?
  3. Describe your math classroom in 3 words. Why did you choose those words?
  4. Blog about last night’s homework. What was the task? Was it difficult or easy? Was it helpful? How long did it take you? Did you need a calculator to help you?
  5. How will you use today’s math lesson in the outside world?
  6. Come up with a good example of a math problem for our upcoming test. Blog about why you think this question would be appropriate for the test and what skill would it assess.
  7. Find a recipe of one of your favorite foods. Adjust the amount of ingredients needed to feed the whole class. Include the amount of each ingredient needed and cooking instructions.
  8. What is your favorite place in the world to visit? Using a map website or app, create a list of directions from the school to your favorite location in the world. Include the total mileage and how long it would take to reach your favorite place.
  9. What is the most difficult math concept you’ve learned this year? Reflect: why was it so difficult to learn? What would have made it easier?
  10. How would you describe pi to a student younger than you?
  11. How would you describe Pythagorean’s Theorem to a student younger than you?
  12. Respond to Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Arithmetic.”
  13. Write your own poem about math.
  14. What is your favorite math picture book? Why is that book your favorite?
  15. Blog about a time when you needed to use math to complete a project. It can be a household project (ex: painting a room, building a piece of furniture, creating a garden), school project, or community project (ex:  raising money for charity, mission trip, etc.).
  16. In what ways do you use math skills when you go shopping?
  17. What is the sales tax where you live? How is sales tax calculated (give an example) and why is it applied to purchases?
  18. What careers use math on a consistent basis? Can you think of any careers that do not use math?
  19. What job do you want to have as an adult when you graduate? Will you use math in that job? What kind of math skills will you need to have to do that job well?
  20. Blog about math and technology. Consider these two questions: (1) Based on your knowledge, how are math and technology related? (2) Why is mathematical knowledge required for the advancement of technology?
  21. What s binary code? Research how computers use binary code to function, and then in your own words, describe it to others in your blog. Include pictures and videos of binary samples.
  22. What is your favorite shape? Why?
  23. Describe a line, line segment, and ray. Include pictures of everyday items that are examples of each of these geometric vocabulary terms.
  24. What is the difference between a square and a rectangle? A cube and a rectangular prism? Include pictures of each.
  25. A circle is a very unique shape. Blog about the characteristics that make a circle.
  26. Write a narrative story about a circle finding its identify among other shapes with straight edges.
  27. What is your favorite number? Is it prime or composite? What is special about your number? Why is it your favorite?
  28. Research a famous mathematician. Write a blog entry that summarizes their background and why they are famous.
  29. What is a rhombicosidodecahedron?
  30. What is Fibonnacci’s sequence? Do you think it is a coincidence that so many plants and animals in nature follow this sequence?
  31. Examine a bar graph given to you by your teacher. Describe the data in the graph and what it represents.
  32. Find the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data. Explain how you calculated each statistic.

Other Blogging Prompts

  • Describe yourself in 3 words. Why did you choose those words?
  • How do you feel about school?
  • How do you feel about homework?
  • Describe your learning community in 5 words. What makes your learning community special or unique?
  • Write about a fun past memory. What makes this memory “fun” in your mind?
  • You just won the lottery, which was worth $1 million! What are you going to do with your earnings? Be specific with the dollar amounts or percentages and make sure they equal $1 million.
  • Imagine you are stranded on an island (you have food and water, but no electricity). Which 3 things will you make sure you have with you?
  • Respond to Charles Swindoll’s quote: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Do you agree with Swindoll? Explain why or why not and use examples.
  • If you could apply for college today, which college(s) would you apply to and why?
  • What is the most important lesson you have ever learned? How will you teach this lesson to others?
  • Describe a Day in the Life of (Your Name). Be specific and as general as possible, to give readers a hearty look into your world!



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