Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It has been a few years since I’ve written to you. And I know my letter is arriving to you late on this Christmas Eve, but there are a few Christmas wishes on my list this year that I know only you can make possible.

My first Christmas wish this year is for students. I have been given the extraordinary gift of teaching at a STEM school this year, Santa. At this school, I teach lessons that inspire students to imagine, tinker, and create. I have the amazing opportunity to give students choices in how they learn. The result? I am able to watch the students deepen their passion for learning and exploring new topics every day. And so my first Christmas wish is for all students to have similar experiences…everywhere and everyday.

My second Christmas wish is for parents. I can’t even describe in words the difficulty of a parent’s job. To make sure that your children’s basic needs are met 24/7/365 is quite a tall order, not to mention meeting the many desires and dreams that children have, too. But my Christmas wish is for all parents InspirationalQuotes.Club-preparation-life-education-John-Deweyof all nations, ages, races, and neighborhoods  to recognize and act on the fact that their children’s education – and their involvement in their children’s education – is the single greatest influential factor on their children’s success later on in life. If we really want to close the achievement gap anytime soon, Santa, it is quite possible that we may just need your help to accomplish that goal.

My last Christmas wish is for teachers. There are not enough hours in the day to do our job to the best of our abilities. In order to be the great teachers that we desire to be, we need more quality time to: plan/create/facilitate lessons, assess students and give timely (yet constructive) feedback, teach students one-on-one as well as in small groups, and communicate with parents and other education staff on behalf of our students and their best interests. That doesn’t even include meeting our additional needs for professional growth! That being said, I guess my last wish is to add some time to the end of the day to help accomplish all of our daily goals to be the educators that our students deserve. (And maybe a few extra minutes to jump in on some awesome Twitter chats that I have been missing lately!)

While you may not be able to help me with these wishes by Christmas Day, I would greatly appreciate your help in 2016. Some may think that a few of these wishes are impossible. But I trust that you, of all people, know that believing in the impossible can lead to magic within our hearts. And with a little holiday magic, I believe anything is possible.

Merry Christmas.



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