My Vision and Mission Statements

The first time I wrote a professional mission statement was in one of my undergrad education classes. One of our final assignments was to design a “teaching philosophy” that could be streamlined into a vision/mission statement. I remember working really hard on this assignment. But when it came time to get a job, I was more focused on which textbooks I’d be using, the bell schedule, IEPs, and behavior management. My philosophy, although important to me at one time, was thrown out the window.

I am starting a new teaching position at a new school in the fall, and with a new position and a new school comes a clean slate to write on. Therefore, I am reconstructing my mission and vision statements that I made years ago. Both statements have changed since I started in this profession, just like the education profession has changed itself. I’m sure as I advance in my career my purpose and future goals will change again. However, after crafting these two statements, I must say I like where I’m at. I really like the teacher I’ve grown to become and what my statements say to my students and colleagues.

Not only did I create two statements but I also made posters of them and I am going to post them in my classroom, on my blog, and on my class website. I have learned that vision/mission statements only work if you use them. Many schools have vision/mission statements. Unfortunately, not many teachers or students know what they are. In many scenarios, the statements are not posted around the school building or they are not referenced when making decisions for the school. What is the purpose of a mission statement if you don’t know what the mission is? I want my students and I to always KNOW why I am there for them. I don’t want anyone – including myself – to ask why I do what I do. I want everyone who steps foot inside of my classroom/virtual classroom to see me doing exactly what it says on my wall.

Without further ado, here is my vision “statement”:

Vision Poster

and my mission statement:

Mission Poster

…and one last statement:

Choose Kind Poster


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