Blogging: Work or Play?

My contribution to #WHSoc20!

#WHsoc20 Blog

diaryWhen I first heard of blogging, it seemed like just another chore for me to do in between grading papers, creating lesson plans, analyzing assessment data, and checking Twitter, However, blogging is more than just something I “do.” Blogging is a way to reflect, to grow, and to engage my teaching community.

I began blogging about two years ago just as I began my one-year-long “hiatus” from the classroom (although, I was still found myself in the classroom) and officially embarked on my entrepreneurial venture into the math education world as That Math Lady. At first, I used blogging just as a platform to promote my products, my ideas, and my inspirations. And then something magical happened. I stopped blogging for business, and began blogging for myself. 

I rarely kept a journal or a diary as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, but I can only imagine…

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