Got Estimation?

Mission Numero Tres of the #MTBoS (MathTwitterBlogosphere) Challenge is to

examine another math website out there and blog my heart out about it. (For all intents and purposes, let’s ignore the fact that I regrettably ran out of time to complete Mission #2 last week.)

I was sad to see that ThatMathLady.Com did not make the cut in the final list of websites to choose from; however, I found some stellar sites that were included in the list, such as Mr. Andrew Stadel’s Estimation 180!

This is the first problem on the Estimation 180 website involving height.

Estimation 180 provides such a wonderful, free service to teachers: math problems, which could easily be used as a class warm-up each day, that involve estimation! As a math teacher, you know that estimation is a skill that needs to be reinforced every year – and every day! – in order to stick. It is such a necessary skill that our students do not easily retain. Estimation 180 provides students with pictures and questions that requires critical thinking in estimation in order to solve. Then, with the simple input of some information into Google Forms, your students can find out if their estimation was correct or not.

There are approximately 180 estimation questions on this website; enough to cover 180 days of math classes (an entire school year for most!). I think this is a terrific site for students who are being introduced to estimation for the first time, reviewing it for the second time, or practicing it for the third, fourth and fifth times! Hey, you can never have too much estimation practice, right Mr. Stadel?


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