City Park Project: Area and Perimeter Practice

This assignment is perfect for students who love designing, creating, and coloring!

I found a math activity that some of my (3rd grade) students really enjoyed this week in regards to area and perimeter!

After learning about area and perimeter last week, we decided to combine our new measurement skills with some creativity! Students were asked to develop their very own city park with grass, trees, playgrounds, etc. They came up with some AMAZING parks!

While there are only 5 colors on this assignment, you can add more. Consider adding pink or red for gardens, orange for baseball diamonds, and white for snack shops or restaurants. Let their creativity soar!

Here is the pdf file for City Park Project:

City Park Project Area and Perimeter

You may need graph paper for this assignment. You can make your own customized graph paper here:

This is the grid paper the 3rd-graders used: Grid Paper



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