Kickstarter Education Projects

I was first introduced to Kickstarter by my husband last year. He stumbled upon the website after he had heard about a new video game console that was being developed…that is, only if it was “backed” by enough friends and followers via this website. Neat concept: you have a dream project, but need the public to front you the money to create it, so you present your concept on Kickstarter and Voila! If enough people buy into your project, you get the money to build, create, and design your heart out.

What happens if you don’t get enough supporters and you don’t achieve your financial goal by the deadline? Nothing. They don’t lose their money, which means you don’t get it, either. Either give up or try again. (You can find more information about how it all works on the Kickstarter 101 site.)

Many of the projects will give back in thanks for your support, too. When you find a project you like on the Kickstarter website, scroll down and look at the right-hand side of the page. You’ll see a list of ways the project creator will give back to you if you pledge a certain amount of money towards their dream. If you pledge enough money, it can be a win-win for everybody!

Teachers and educators have caught on to this and are also using Kickstarter to develop educational tools. You can find – and “back” – the creation of various apps, games, videos, websites, and MORE just by searching the site for keywords like “math” or “education.”

Here are a few examples of Kickstarter education projects for you to check out and support. If you like what you see, I highly recommend you go to Kickstarter and back these projects…and fast! Some of them only have a few days left before their deadlines!

A special shout out to Stephanie Glen ( for introducing me to her dream project, The Number Hunter!


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