NBA Dream Team Math Activity

With all of the hoop-lah (no pun intended) surrounding the NBA these days, I thought I would create an NBA activity for students who are motivated by the mere mention of the word ‘sports,’ and who are possibly considering joining the realm of professional sports after they graduate. This project-based, math-inquiry activity is designed for students to research and compare simple statistics.

At the end of the day, who has what it takes to make a team with the best basketball players out there? Let’s find out in the Fantasy NBA Dream Team Challenge! has the pdf file of this activity which can be saved or emailed directly to you!


One thought on “NBA Dream Team Math Activity”

  1. Though not of fan of basketball (an NHL type of girl), I like the idea behind this activity! It naturally lends itself to data management and analysis. It would be interesting for students to manipulate the data to demonstrate how statistics might be used to mislead others. Perhaps the student who lost a particular round would create a graph making the player appear more valuable than he is. Another possibility might be for the student to view the entire season’s game data and determine whether the mean, mode or median would be a more beneficial statistic.
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