Great Math Blogs

One of my hobbies is seeking out great math blogs on the Internet. I have come across hundreds of blogs since I began my search. Some are great and others are not. What defines a “great blog” in my opinion?

Great math blogs…

…are user-friendly and attractive in appearance.

…are updated frequently (at least once per 1-2 weeks).

…include multimedia (pictures, diagrams, videos, slides, etc.).

…and illustrate best practices or lessons that teach math!

Here are some examples (listed in random order) of what I’m talking about. They just so happen to be some of my favorites. Enjoy!

1. Math Techniques and Strategies

Math Techniques and Strategies has a lot to offer to teachers of mathematics. This site’s blogger, Trevor Reeh, writes posts about a range of math topics, including lesson plans and fun math trivia. The links at the top of the page lead to a variety of additional resources, including interactive math notebook ideas, instructional videos, best practices, and fun uses for math QR codes!

2. I Speak Math

I have to give huge props to Julie Reulbach, the math blogger at I Speak Math. Julie (@jreulbach) was one of the first educators I started to follow on Twitter. Julie  encourages her fellow educators to blog about popular education topics via forums such as the New Blogger Initiation and the MS Sunday Funday blog forum on her site. And when she isn’t helping other educators with their blogging, she is blogging about the lessons that her sixth graders are currently doing or her best practices involving math & technology. Awesome!

3. Yummy Math

I retweet Brian Marks (@YummyMath) on Twitter a lot, so if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard of this site. Current events + creative math application + fun learning opportunities for all students = Yummy Math. You can search for the lessons by math concept or by post date. Give yourself some time, though, because once you visit it, you could be on this site for a long, long time…

4. Math Coach’s Corner

I really like Math Coach’s Corner for two reasons. First, Donna Boucher blogs about some of the cutest math topics and lessons I have EVER seen! This place is great for elementary teachers who are always looking to make math cute and fun. The second reason I love this blog is for the Blog Hop. The Blog Hop leads to a page that just explodes with hundreds of colorful links to other education blogs. (Again, you could be here for awhile…)

5. Number Loving

I recently discovered Number Loving, thanks to Sharon Derbyshire (@numberloving). Number Loving has existed for a little over a year, and within that year the bloggers have compiled a list of exceptional lesson blogs and great ideas. Looking for math games, puzzles or other teaching tools? Visit this site for some GREAT ideas!


Please comment below with any math blogs that you’ve encountered – or written yourself! – that you believe are GREAT and will help our math teachers out there! Thanks!


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