Looking for a Good YA Literature Blog?

I really liked to read as a kid. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. There were certain books I loved, but it was difficult for me to sit down and get lost in a book, especially books that were assigned by my language arts teachers. But, I strongly believe that may have all changed if I had an L.A. teacher like Melissa Carpenter.

Melissa Carpenter is an 8th-grade Language Arts teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. We worked in the same school for several years and, during that time, I heard nothing but wonderful things about her from her students. I don’t know which is greater – her love for literature or her love for teaching her students – but it is that passion for both that makes my friend a top-notch educator. How do I know? Like I said, just ask her students.

Carpenter started a YA Lit blog a few years back, Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists. She recently returned to blogging after taking a mini-hiatus from it and all I can say is, “Boy, is she good?!” In just a few words, she captures the beauty – or the ugliness – behind each book’s cover while sharing her acute-analysis of characters, settings, and/or overall message. Her reviews are fresh, witty, and real. Many people judge a book by its cover…I now judge a book based on Carp’s take. 🙂

Carpenter truly writes for the reader. If you read one of her latest blogs, Three Weeks Left to Shop For Christmas, you’ll see what I mean! Here is an excerpt from that post: “Picking books for others can be a bit intimidating… but lucky for you, it’s one of my favorite things to do! So, I’m giving you a holiday gift buying guide for YA Literature. Below you’ll see categories, book recs within them…Also, I’ve linked to previous blog posts for books I’ve already recommended for more information.”

I am so happy <and THANKFUL> for her that she has returned to blogging…let’s just say that my Goodreads book list has grown exponentially since following her blog! If you have a similar passion for literature (or for teaching YA lit), “Pimples, Popularity, and Protagonists” is a must-read blog for you!

You can also follow Melissa Carpenter on Twitter, @MelissaCarp.


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