Nov. 30: “Why Pi?”

I’m concluding our math Picture Book Month celebration with a book that every student should have on their holiday list this year. The book is called Why Pi?

Why Pi?, by Johnny Ball, is a journey throughout time explaining how math is involved in our history. From the phases of the moon to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, this book illustrates how math naturally impacts the world around us, and how humans use math to impact our world. I love everything about this book from the title to the information-packed, illustrated pages. If your students ever ask “why” something math-related exists, simply hand them this book!

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my Picture Book Month blogs, and I hope you have enjoyed reading them, too. Picture books may not be intended for everyone, but all ages appreciate having fun once in awhile, especially in a math class; so keep these books handy and break them out once in awhile…you know, for the students. 😉

Ball, Johnny. Why Pi? DK Children. 2009.


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