Nov. 29: “Twizzlers Percentages Book”

Today’s post is dedicated to my wonderful husband, a Twizzler enthusiast.

Jerry Palotta did a great thing when he wrote his many candy-themed math picture books. He gave teachers and students an excuse to bring candy into the classroom. Not only that, but he created a excitingly tangible way for students to learn about addition, multiplication, fractions, decimals, and in this case, percents.

I have used Palotta’s books in my classroom, and I must say that his books are always a hit with my students, especially his Twizzlers Percentages Book. While drooling over the yummy strawberry candy that we’re about to eat, we discuss key terms and definitions that the book includes: percentage, numerator, denominator, equals and multiply. This book clearly demonstrates the conversion of decimals to percentages and vice-versa. Then, we use our Twizzlers as math manipulatives, demonstrating different percentages of one whole, or 100 percent. After our lesson, we gobble up our manipulatives, enjoying every sugary bite.

If you want a great anticipatory set for your percentages – or decimals – math unit, I highly recommend Jerry Palotta’s books!

Palotta, Jerry. Twizzlers Percentages Book. Illustrated by Rob Bolster. Scholastic Publishing, Inc. 2001.


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