Nov. 28: A Very Improbable Story

Since yesterday’s Picture Book Month post was fairly long-winded, today’s Picture Book Month celebration is going to be short-n-sweet.

I love the cover of this book!

Today’s book is a fun one! A Very Improbable Story: A Math Adventure by Edward Einhorn is about a boy named Ethan and a very distracting cat who wakes up with him one morning. He thinks nothing of it because he is used to waking up to his pet cat sleeping soundly on his head. However, this cat is no ordinary cat: he talks! And the only way Ethan can get rid of him, is to win the “games of probability.”

This book reminds me of Jon Scieszka’s Math Curse in a way because it takes everyday things – such as choosing which clothes to wear, eating cereal for breakfast, and playing extra-curricular sports – and shows the math (in this case, the probability) behind everything we do!

Great, great book for introducing probability, and awesome illustrations by Adam Gustavson. I can’t wait to add this book to my own personal math picture book library!

Einhorn, Edward. A Very Improbable Story: A Math Adventure. Illustrations by Adam Gustavson. Charlesbridge Publishing. 2008.


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