Nov. 17: “Math Potatoes”

Yesterday’s Picture Book Month math blog celebrated Greg Tang‘s Math Appeal. Well, today’s blog is about another winner from Tang, Math Potatoes. (I thought of this book as I was preparing dinner last night…chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum!)

I highly recommend all of Tang’s books for a number of reasons. First, each page is bursting with bright colors and fun illustrations. Next, Tang uses the art of poetry to introduce each problem. This makes the dreaded process of reading a word problem less drab and dry. Also, the solutions to each problem are listed – and thoroughly explained – in the back of each picture book. And although Tang suggests these books for children ages 7 – 10 and grades 3 – 5, I think these books can be appreciated by a much greater range of ages.

Just like Tang’s other books that I’ve previewed and blogged about, Math Potatoes does an excellent job of setting up a variety of problems and encourages students to think creatively to problem solve. Tang encourages creative thinking, but also stresses the importance of grouping numbers to make complex problems feel simple to solve.

Tang, Greg. Math Potatoes. Illustrated by Harry Briggs. Scholastic Press, New York. 2005.


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