Nov. 15: “Give Me Half!”

Do you have any siblings? If so, I’m sure you fought over food, toys and possibly even chores, right? I don’t have any brothers, but I can imagine that if I had, we’d act similarly to the disagreeing duo in Stuart J. Murphy’s Give Me Half!

Brother and Sis just can’t seem to share when it comes to dividing pizza, juice, dessert and the mess they make when a food fight breaks out! That is, until Mom steps in and tells them to share everything in half. She uses words such as share, same, fair, and half to make sure that the two siblings understand that each half is equal.

Stuart J Murphy does a great job of creating a short-yet-sweet story with poetry, using ABAB rhyme schemes throughout most of the book. This picture book rocks at introducing the easiest fraction of them all, one-half!

Murphy, Stuart J. Give Me Half! Illustrated by G. Brian Karas. Scholastic, Inc., New York. 1996.


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