Nov. 13: “Mummy Math”

What do you get when you add an adventurous family vacation plus the ancient pyramids of Egypt plus three-dimensional shapes? That’s right, it all equals Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry!

Today’s celebrated picture book, written by Cindy Neuschwander and illustrated by Bryan Langdo, uncovers some of the many geometrical mysteries of the ancient Egyptian culture, including their hieroglyphics and stone structures built during those times. While reading this text the first time, students will probably be so lost in the adventure of the main characters, Bibi and Matt, that they overlook the fact that this is a book is actually about math! So, I definitely recommend reading this book more than once!

Teachers will quickly find out that this book does a great job of introducing basic three-dimensional shapes such as cones, cubes, cylinders and pyramids. After using Mummy Math to introduce these shapes, you can then expand your lessons to other facets of three-dimensional geometry, such as vertices, faces, edges, and other shapes, too! If you need help, just go to the back of the book where Neuschwander includes “A Note to Teachers and Parents” with suggestions for using this book as an instructional tool. (I love it when the author includes resources for teachers!)

Neuschwander, Cindy. Mummy Math: An Adventure in Geometry. Illustrated by Bryan Langdo. Square Fish. 2009.





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