November 8: “Fun with Roman Numerals”

Learning + Picture Books = Magic!

Do you want to bring some magic to your math class? Well, David A. Adler’s Fun with Roman Numerals will definitely help you achieve that!

We’ve all seen Roman numerals…on clocks, in books, on buildings and, of course, every Super Bowl Sunday. But do we know what they mean and how they are calculated? While some aspects of Roman numerals are easier to understand, other aspects may seem more confusing. Fun with Roman Numerals does an excellent job of clearing up the confusion as it clearly illustrates how this ancient number system works!

We have 10 symbols (digits) in our number system; Roman numerals only have 7 basic symbols. We are familiar with I (1), V (5), and X (10). But what comes next? Well, while reading this book I learned L = 50, C = 100 and D = 500!

While flipping through this picture book, I also learned how to write numbers using Roman Numerals. Adler does a great job of using manipulatives (coins and paper dollar bills) to demonstrate how to write numbers in Roman numerals.

This is the second picture book of Adler and Miller that I have posted during Picture Book Month (and I’m sure it won’t be the last!). Picture books like Adler’s are fun yet educational, which creates a magical learning experience that you just might not have without the existance of a picture book.

Adler, David A. Fun with Roman Numerals. Illustrated by Edward Miller III. Holiday House, New York. 2008.


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