November 6: “Counting Cockatoos”

I feel like the demographic for my Picture Book Month posts is getting younger and younger with each passing day, but I have another adorable picture book to share! (I promise that the average age will be on an upswing with tomorrow’s post!)

That Math Lady and her cat, Phoebe Fishwhiskers, are enjoying “Counting Cockatoos” by Stella Blackstone!

Counting Cockatoos by Stella Blackstone and Stephanie Bauer practically jumped off the library shelf and into my hands! The vibrant illustrations is what initially drew me to this book. As I started to read the one-liners on each page, my attention was quickly diverted to the text, which is full of alliteration, assonance and repetition.

Page by page, this picture book teaches counting from “one enormous elephant” to “twelve toppling turtles!” Pre-K students will love the pictures, parents and teachers will love the rich text, and everyone will love searching for the two cockatoos, who blend in with their surroundings, on each page!

Blackstone, Stella. Counting Cockatoos. Illustrated by Stephanie Bauer. Barefoot Books: Great Britain. 2006.


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