November 5: “The Grapes of Math”

Have you ever looked at a problem and thought to yourself, “There has got to be a better way?!” Why do we make the easy problems so difficult sometimes? More importantly, what is the trick to making those easy problems…well, easy!

Greg Tang explains the art of problem solving in The Grapes of Math. What is the trick to making problem-solving so easy? First, we need to stay open-minded. There may not be just one way to solve a problem. Secondly, we need to combine and reorganize large problems to make them smaller. And, well, to get the next two tricks, you’ll just have to check out this cute little picture book – full of rhymes and reasoning – to find out!

This book’s review said it was for ages 7 – 10, however I think it can be used as early as Pre-K. Students will love the bright colors that Harry Briggs uses in his illustrations, the witty and bouncy poetry, and the lessons on problem solving that they read about!

If you want your students to feel smart in math,                                                            The Grapes of Math is a book you should have!

Tang, Greg. The Grapes of Math. Illustrated by Harry Briggs. Scholastic, 2004.


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