November 4: “The Greedy Triangle”

Have you ever wanted a new-and-improved version of yourself? Well, I know a triangle who once did, too. He thought that by adding angles to his shape, he would be better off than he originally was! But what did he learn by doing so? Maybe being a triangle isn’t all that bad.

Today’s picture book, The Greedy Triangle, written by Marilyn Burns and illustrated by Gordon Silveria, is great for primary teachers (K-1) who are introducing shapes and their physical characteristics. What makes a triangle different from a quadrilateral? A pentagon? What about hexagons and so on? Also, where do we see these shapes? As The Greedy Triangle sets off on his journey to become more than he is meant to be, the reader begins to see shapes form everywhere..from sails on a sailboat to supports on a bridge.

This book is great for two reasons. First, it is a fun story that teaches young readers about two-dimensional geometry. Secondly, it can be used to teach kiddos a lesson about self-esteem. Do you really want to be “new-and-improved” if it changes your shape and your character? What are the consequences of changing your shape? And, most importantly, what makes your shape awesome as it is?

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Burns, Marilyn. The Greedy Triangle. Illustrated by Gordon Silveria. Scholastic Press. 1995.



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