November 2: “Math Curse”

The second math book that I am celebrating during Picture Book Month must be in the Top 5 of all math books…and it’s definitely in my Top 3.

One of my favorite childhood author/illustrator teams was Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. Funnily enough, to this day, they are still one of my favorites. You may be familiar with some of their other books, such as The True Story of the Three Little Pigs or The Stinky Cheese Man. (If you haven’t read them, finish reading this blog and then go get them. You and your kids are missing out!) Well, Math Curse is no exception to their witty and ridiculously smart story-telling.

Everything is a math problem in Math Curse. It is in this great picture book that we realize, along with the main character, that math is everywhere we look! From telling time, to choosing what to wear each morning…we are using math!

Although this book is written primarily for children, children of all ages (yes, including you!) will love it.

Want more info on Picture Book Month? Go to and check out their November calendar!

Scieszka, Jon. Math Curse. Illustrated by Lane Smith. Viking Juvenile, USA. 1995.


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