November 1: “G is for Googol”

I just found out (less than an hour ago) that November is Picture Book Month! In honor of this month that celebrates picture books, I am going to dedicate one blog each day to a math picture book! Yes, this means that you may see more than one blog from me each day, but c’mon…it’s picture books…about math! It can’t get much better than that!

To start off this month-o-math picture books, I would like to celebrate G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book written by David M. Schwartz and illustrated by Marissa Moss. To be completely honest, I just checked this book out from my local library two days ago (I had NO idea I’d be reading it and blogging about it two days later!).

I’m sure many of you have read this book to your students ~ it is great because it talks about some of the lesser-known mathematical terms and names (ex: “F is for Fibonacci” and “R is for Rhombicosidodecahedron”) and gives background to some of the more familiar things, like “abacus”and “hundred.” This book is where the ABC’s and 123’s truly intertwine!

That Math Lady loves to read about math!

Do you want to increase literacy and exposure to informational texts in your middle school or high school math class? This book will do the job!G is for Googol is also a 1999 ALA Notable Children’s Book.

To find out more about Picture Book Month, visit!

Schwartz, David M. G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book. Illustrated by Marissa Moss. Tricycle Press, Berkeley, CA. 1998.


2 thoughts on “November 1: “G is for Googol””

    1. That is such a GREAT idea! I think that would make a great mid-year or end-of-year portfolio project or assessment.

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