My First Math Foldable

My first day back on the job (I had taken some time away from That Math Lady to long-term sub at my old school) and what am I doing at 7 am? Creating math foldables (and missing my students, of course).

Math foldables are used to organize math ideas and concepts. Actually, they can be used for a multitude of things, but they are a great hands-on tool to teach a math lesson or introduce a concept.

The first math foldable I made is to demonstrate number properties. Here’s a view of the front:

I used a combination of MS Excel, Paint, and PowerPoint to create this gem.
You can paste a foldable inside a notebook!

One thing I wish I had done differently: used dotted lines to show where to actually fold the sides. I’ll have to adjust that on my future foldables…

Visit this TpT site to download the file ( or click on this link to download the full pdf:  number properties math foldable


2 thoughts on “My First Math Foldable”

  1. I have to say that this flippable ROCKS! I am in the middle of creating a big mega pack of templates to share with others and this is just AWESOME! I love what all you included in one resource for your student’s INBs. Keep it up!

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