Teachers Are Like Crayons

Have you ever looked at a box of crayons

and wondered what they’d be,

if they morphed into teachers

just like you and me?


They would start off new and sharp

right out of Crayon College,

with very little experience

but packed with potential and knowledge.


Open the box and examine their colors

because some are common and similar,

while others are brand new and eccentric

and definitely not all too familiar.


Some crayons are boring and dark

and others are bright and fun;

but no matter what their hue,

they all get the coloring job done.


That is until others push down too hard

until you hear a disheartening crack,

‘cause just like crayons teachers can break

if not given the appropriate respect.


Crayons are made from wax

and we are different in that way,

but light a fire under each of us and watch,

we can be molded just the same.


Teachers are like crayons,

it is funny because it is true;

we simply give our lives for kids each day

in hopes of teaching them something new.

Can you see any other similarities?

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