Back to School Blues

It didn’t truly hit me until I stumbled upon the dreaded “Back to School” section at my favorite store, Target. In years past, I would steer clear of this section until absolutely necessary. Once you step foot into that overflowing oasis of notebooks and coloring supplies, it means that you are consciously ready to start prepping for the next school year…and I was never fully ready. But this summer was different.

This summer, instead of my usual dodging into the electronics department and sulking my way to the front of the store, I boldly marched toward the backpacks and sticky notes.

You see, I made the decision at the end of the last school year to take some time away from the classroom and focus my energy on supporting other teachers and students. And while I am beyond excited for this opportunity to educate via the World Wide Web, there is still a small part of me who longs to be in the classroom.

There are so many things that I will miss about the classroom. Here are just a few of them…

  • Hugs. About 30 of them each day.
  • Celebrating every national holiday – even Columbus Day – with crafts made out of paper plates and Popsicle sticks!
  • Field trips.
  • Not needing an excuse to break out the crayons and markers.
  • My desktop “Trash Can” secretly filled with chocolate and candy for students.
  • Keeping up with the latest hairstyles, clothing, boy bands (ahem, One Direction) and video games without having to take one glance at a magazine.
  • Playing with glitter. (But I definitely won’t miss wearing it for 2 weeks afterwards.)
  • The technology! If only I had a SMART Board in my house…
  • Having a bad day (Yes, a bad day, because the royal treatment you receive from some of the sweetest kids always makes it a good day in the end.)

And saving the best for last:

  • Watching a student learn and feel success. It is magical.

I am going to miss the classroom, and the thought of missing out on all of the above this year does make me feel kind of blue. I guess you don’t just have to shop for school supplies to get the Back to School Blues.


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